Pink Pony

is a colorful tron-like 3D racing game with ponies and computer-controlled opponents, as well as multiplayer split-screen support for up to four people via keyboard or game controller.

Pink Pony can be played both on Linux and Windows and is both free and open source (see readme text).

Download Pink Pony
from GitHub

How to Play

keyboard illustration with keys relevant to Pink Pony highlighted, see lists below

Pony controls on the keyboard are:

  1. Arrow Keys
  2. WASD
  3. 8456 (Numpad)
  4. IJKL

Additional key controls:

If you have problems with more than two players on one keyboard, you can attach additional USB keyboards.

Gamepads are also supported: Joystick 1 controls Pony 1, etc. You steer the ponies with the left/right axis of the main stick and accelerate/decelerate with Buttons 1 and 2.


Pink Pony is hosted at

For more information, including compile instructions, credits and license information, please see the readme file.